Ultimate Frisbee Club Aims for a Good Time


The sport of Ultimate, more commonly known as ultimate frisbee,is a enjoyed all around the world. It is a limited-contact field sport in which two teams compete for the most points. Points are achieved when a player catches the flying disc within the endzone. An interesting part of Ultimate that is not common among most sports is when a player is holding the disc, they are not allowed to take steps. Much like basketball, a pivot is allowed, but the player must pass the disc in order to keep the game moving.

Because the sport of Ultimate is relatively less common than than that of other team sports, the local Davis High Ultimate Frisbee club is only two years old. Senior and Co-Captain of the 2015 team Braden Eberhard’s Ultimate career started with a curiosity and peaked interest from a poster.

“Last year I saw a poster, and ultimate frisbee is something I’ve been interested in for a while,” Eberhard said. “There was a meeting, I went to the meeting, and then we started having practices and season started and we started playing.”

For Eberhard, Ultimate is a big part of his life. It incorporates many aspects you find in other team sports, with the added bonus of being Co-Ed, and self refereed.

“I love the camaraderie that other schools bring, I love the athleticism it takes,” Eberhard said. “I just love the strategy and type of gameplay that goes on.”