Mole Used for Donation

Jordan Wood

Carter Erickson, Reporter

Moles. The little, furry animal that is oftentimes forgotten about or skimmed over in the Animal Kingdom. The mole is also used as a measurement in Chemistry.

As most Davis High students know, one chemistry teacher at the school is in love with them. Not the actual Chemistry measurement, but the furry, little animal.

This teacher’s name is Mr. Stevens.

His love of Moles started and then never stopped. “I fell in love with this little animal right when I saw it at a Kaysville yard sale and purchased it,” Mr. Stevens said.

His love of this animal even caused him to write a song about them, which he rightfully dubbed, “The Mole Song.”

When asked to sing this song, he declined, saying that “The Mole Song is a beautiful song,” and that he didn’t want to ruin it by singing it without his guitar and with his bad voice, as he was sick.