Advisory Papers Causing Unwanted Stress On Students

The advisory papers that students are given every Wednesday seem to be giving students some different views. Some students believe that it is degraded to let everyone know what kind of grades you have. Yet it seems that the teachers agreed and voted to have the papers. But there has got to be a way to make everyone happy.

Maybe perhaps just having all of the papers the same color. Each student can see their grades keeping it confidential to them and the teacher, as it should be. Not everyone knows about another’s grades and everyone is happy.

The students who are on track with their grades maybe get to just leave for a longer lunch while those with a C or lower have to go to an advisory period. Then it makes everyone that is in the same boat be together instead of one better than another. Also it rewards students who do have better grades.

    There are many possibilities to fixing the problem for everyone. Until a change is made there will continue to be different views on the advisory papers.