Psychology bowl students take 2nd place

Jed Fowles

John Eaton, Reporter

In the 2500 hall, psychology teacher Mrs. Whitlock prepares students for the AP psychology test. Her main objectives for the students are: to familiarize students with research and current theories in psychology, to introduce students to significant psychological researchers, increase awareness of the ways psychological theories impact everyday life, and to emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, and writing skills.

The course overview, as put by the collegeboard website, aims for students to explore the concepts, theories, perspective, phenomena and behaviors associated with the subfields and research areas of psychology. And the course is made interesting by students, “exploring how psychologists use research methods and critical analysis to explore human behavior. And discussing how biological, cognitive, and cultural factors converge to facilitate acquisition, development, and use of language.”

The course experiences can lead to 136 career areas ranging from actuary to translator. And the credits can go towards 60 college majors including urban studies and anthropology. The students learn through lectures, classroom demonstrations, exercises, assignments, examinations, class discussions, videos, outside readings and individual research.