Art show exhibits best of student work

Grace Matthews


Darla Burrola, Reporter

Art teacher Karen Ashbridge has had her students participate in the art show for the past four years. Throughout the years,  she’s found how the art show and the art itself has influenced her students and others.
As they go through the school year, the art teachers select outstanding work. Ashbridge explained, “Whether they win prizes or not it’s just an honor to be in the art show.”
She continued, “A lot of kids really don’t know how good they are, especially in high school. And when they get chosen and have their work recognized, and their friends tell them how great their work is, they gain confidence. It’s a real eye opener to the kids saying they can make and do great stuff.”
Ashbridge has an obvious passion for the arts. She said, “Art does a lot for students. Some people think that art is recreation or something. But art is a completely different part of your brain, it teaches people to think differently…..there’s a freedom that comes from creativity and creating things”.
She hopes that people that attended found the fun and beauty in it and try to create something themselves.