Die hard Star Wars fans excited about new release

Jordan Wood


Darla Burrola, Reporter

The new Star Wars movie coming out in December isn’t the only release that has got light saber fans counting down the days. Battlefront 3 – a Stars Wars themed video game – will be available for purchase November 17th. Senior Jayden Taua expresses his excitement for the new game.“That’s gonna be a game that I’m gonna buy, and I’m gonna spend 48 hours straight playing it. It looks so cool!”
This game will have it all, according to Star Wars Battlefront website . Including epic intergalactic space battles and multiplayer battles on Hoth, Endor, Tatooine and the previously unexplored planet, Sullust.
Taua said, and many agree, “Out of all the previous Star Wars games that there have ever been, I think this one looks the coolest.”
Kids who grew up on the video game are anxious as they wait to see what will be kept and what will be added, but, above all, are just excited to play an enhanced version of their favorite childhood video game. Senior Sam Bankhead says, “growing up as a kid, me and my brothers and our friends, would play that game till the break of dawn. We loved that game.”