Guys with long hair

Jake Feigleson, Reporter

“Defend the Tradition” is a slogan that has accompanied Davis High from the beginning. Not all of those tradition are strictly, ‘traditional’ however. Boys growing their hair out to shoulder length or longer is the newest trend. There are many different reasons that guys come up with for having their long hair and they all have different opinions about it.

“I’ve had my long hair for about two years… [I got it because] most people have to cut their hair after high school so I just thought ‘why not grow it out now?’” Senior Jaden Nielson said.

Guys who do have long hair love to try out different styles with their hair. The most popular of these styles with guys is the “man bun”.

“[My favorite thing about long hair] is putting it in a man bun,” Senior Brian McGrath said. This hot new style has become a big deal to guys with long hair all over Davis High.

Senior boys at Davis High are starting to get haircuts and clean up their look. There are multiple reasons for this, but for senior Jake Garcia, he has his own unique reason.

“I decided to cut my hair because I am going on an LDS mission and [the mission administration] doesn’t want you to have long hair for your mission pictures,” Senior Jake Garcia said.

The long hair trend has swept Davis High and is spreading constantly. Whether this trend is good or bad is up to user discretion. One, however, is certain: it is becoming more and more popular as the years go by.