Reading Books can increase grammar

Landon LeBaron, Reporter

Reading books can be fun, but it can be time consuming. Fortunately for kids, they can learn many lessons or messages from books that tell a unique story. Jared Calvia, a junior at Davis loves to read and likes to learn. Reading can also increase use of words and using complete sentences. If help is needed, students can ask for help by asking the teacher.

“Blood of Olympus. It has everything you would ever want in a book.” Calvia said.

Every story has a setting, characters, and sometimes a narrator that tell the story, and there are so many books that can deliver a message to readers. Even when people are having a hard time.

“It depends on the type of book you are reading.” Calvia said.

There are advanced reading levels that students get themselves into. It can probably encourage the student to do better and make reading a part of their lives.

“I have reading other books when I was younger.” Calvia Said.

Reading can be quite interesting, and can be an impact on a student’s life. Like Calvia, people learning should feel grateful for what they read.