Summer plans excite students eager for a much needed break


Once school gets out and summer is underway, students begin to search for a summer job to give them the money they want for various reasons.

According to CBS reporter Farnoosh Torabi, there are six things you can do to increase your chances of finding a summer job.

  1. Play Up Your Teen-Specific Skills
  2. Look into Federal Jobs
  3. Be the First to Apply
  4. Make a Repeat Performance
  5. Ask Family to Get the Word Out
  6. Be Your Own Boss

One way to play up your teen-specific skills is to make sure to let the person interviewing you know that you have flexible hours and that you are more technology savvy than some adults. Looking into Federal Jobs gives you the opportunity to make more money because they pay a higher income. When you are the first to apply you are more likely to get the job because your application will be looked over first and it will show your responsible. If you liked your jobs last year, make sure to reapply. Most of the time if you have worked there before you have a better opportunity to get rehired. If you aren’t able to find a job set up your own summer job. Ask your family to help you get the word out, pass out flyers, and put in Social media so people know your plans. Finally, be your own boss. If you can’t find a job anywhere after apply, be creative and make your own job. Whether it’s babysitting or mowing lawns, there’s always something around the neighborhood to do.