CE Communications provides opportunities for service

Jordan Wood


Jake Feigleson, Reporter


CE Communications has made a big difference in the lives of the students this year. They learned many valuable lessons as they progressed through this class. It is a very hands-on and service oriented class.

“Service learning has become a big thing on college campuses. And for the communications program at Weber State, they figured that this was the best way to incorporate service learning,” Communications instructor Mrs. Hyer said.

There are many different reasons for seniors taking the Communications class. Some find the class intriguing, some need the college credit, and others just need to fill their schedule.

“I took Communications because I needed the college credit to get my associates degree,” Senior Conner Simonsen said.

Communications is a great choice of a class for every senior. It is not the typical high school class either. From many different and varied class activities to an end of semester service project, this class keeps the students interested and engaged.