Seniors head off to unique college experiences

Brock Averett

Ella Johnson, Website Editor

Leaving home, meeting new people, and going to a new school can all be intimidating experiences, but, when all of these things happen at once, it can be downright terrifying.


While most high school seniors have decided that they want to attend college and put themselves into this situation, the extent to which students have decided to jump into the college experience varies.


Senior Kenzie Day is one of the students who has decided to jump in with both feet. She has decided to take on this extreme college experience as she will be leaving the state to attend Central Washington University this fall on a basketball scholarship. She is excited to major in elementary education, and potentially minor in American Sign Language, but is a little nervous to leave her family. “There’s a possibility that I won’t have a car for the first year,” Day said. “So it will be kind of hard to get back and see family a lot…I’ll have to call my parents instead of talking to them face to face.”


Senior Makenna O’Brien is also headed to an out of state school — BYU Hawaii. She has a softball scholarship and is excited to move to Hawaii. Although she has no idea what she wants to major in, she is planning on starting with her general education requirements. One of the things that O’Brien feels is going to be difficult is how far away she will be from home and family. “It’s far away, I can’t really go home on the weekends,” O’Brien said.


There are also seniors that will be attending college, but sticking close to home. Even if they choose to live at home, these seniors also have an exciting adventure in store for them.


Senior Madison Gregson has decided to attend Weber State University this fall. Because the school is so close, she will live at home and commute to college. “I’m most excited for getting a new start,” said Gregson. “I grew up with the people I went to school with through high school, so going to college I will be able to meet new people and get rid of labels.”