Administration Changes

Max Kunz, Reporter

The administration has had some changes this year that will be lasting for the future years of the school. A new principal, Richard Swanson, came to the school as our previous principal, Dee Burton, retired after last year.

Mr. Swanson, our new principal was accompanied by Mr. Chapple, and then, after assistant principal Mrs. Evans left our school another new administrator joined our school, Mr. Harris.

Additionally, Vice Principal Mr. Firmage has been told by the district that he is to change schools after this year due to how long he has been at Davis, and that no more than five to six years should be spent by one administrator at one school. Mr. Firmage has been here for more than ten.

Mr. Swanson also commented on how the administration would be focusing on enforcing school rules and will be looking at how those rules affect the student body and community.