Beauty Stereotypes Challenged at DHS

The Dove campaign for Real Beauty was created to provoke discussion and encourage debate. The campaign was launched in 2004 as they used women whose appearances are outside of the stereotypical norms of beauty. Dove advertised six women with real bodies and real curves, they used these women to get rid of the stereotype that only thin is beautiful.

So many girls struggle with their low self-esteem from hang-ups on their looks, and consequently fail to reach their full potential in life. The campaign is focused on the idea that girls are being blasted with unrealistic images of beauty that impact the way they see themselves. Dove established The Dove Self-Esteem Fund. to inspire and educate girls and women about the definition of beauty.

In 2010, Dove came out with a bold new vision for the Dove brand, a movement for self-esteem. This campaign provides opportunities for girls and women everywhere to celebrate real beauty. Dove teamed up with the entertainment industry to show girls that what they see on the movie screen and in magazines represents an unrealistic standard of beauty.

In 2011, Dove released the findings of its largest global study to date on women’s relationships with beauty. The study revealed shocking evidence of how women feel about themselves and the remarkable pressure they feel to be beautiful. This study showed the increase in beauty pressure and the decrease in girls’ confidence as they grow older. However, Dove has changed these statistics tremendously for the good as they support girls and women feel beautiful.