Food II class offers great experience


Jake Feigleson, Reporter

There is a class here at Davis that promotes healthy lifestyle, cooking for a family, and eating delicious foods. Foods II is a great choice of a class for students who would like to learn more about cooking and healthy lifestyle.

“I would definitely recommend Foods, it’s the best class ever” said senior Caden Nichols. Foods II is a great class for learning different cooking techniques as well as grocery shopping techniques.

“[In this class we teach] consumerism, so grocery shopping skills, as  well as nutrition… and I try to be really practical so they can learn skills they need when they are on their own. We thicken soups, make bread and even grind the wheat for it, we make pies, we cook with meat, we do knife cuts…” said the Foods II teacher, Mrs. Beutler.

Foods II is a beneficial class for anyone who is looking to improve their cooking skill and also just wants to live on their own but need to learn how to cook. There is an innumerable number of skills that you learn from this class that have incredible value in daily life.