Defend the Tradition

Isabel Deller, Reporter

Davis High School has been known to have the motto, “Defend the Tradition.” Defending the tradition can be done in many ways, but things haven’t changed too much in the past twenty years.
When alumni look back on their years here at Davis, many remember the football games, soccer games, and especially the school spirit. The school spirit now, reflects much of that same feeling.
“I thought that the feeling of Dart pride or tradition would have dissipated after they tore down the old building but it feels as strong as ever,” alumni Erin Stevenson said. “The building may be different but it’s spirit is still there.”
Interpretation of the tradition is up to personal thoughts and feelings toward the school. Many students have school spirit and that is a key factor in defending the tradition.
“Traditions are a way of celebrating and sharing. Defending the tradition means respecting those that went before you and created something great,” senior Ellie Stevenson said. “It’s about continuing the legacy they left you and to do it with power and strength.”
The ways students show their school spirit are easily noticed. Everyone has a feeling of love for their school that emanates from them as they share that love with their friends, family, and the staff.
“I always try to have school spirit when I go to games. I love the game spirit!” senior Ellie Stevenson said. “The tradition to me is just another way to tell people that we are all one big family.”
Many principles and responsibilities are taught to the Davis High students. These principles are used in growing and maintaining the traditions that are so well kept.
“At Davis I was taught to be proud of my school and it’s heritage because it was one of the oldest schools in that state,” alumni Erin Stevenson said. “I was taught that working hard in school and standing as a family helps carry on the legacy that so many past students have created. It helps everyone to be friends.”
Every dart has a purpose, and everyone’s purpose is meaningful and important. The outcomes of these purposes are to create and carry on in the traditions of our school’s heritage.
“My purpose is to always be kind and to always make people feel as if they had friends and are loved.” senior Ellie Stevenson said.DHP