MOB chant spread school spirit

Brock Averett

MOB chant spread school spirit

Ethan Bovee, Reporter

Football is a sport full of contact and intensity, so it is only fitting that a student section reflects the same intensity and passion shown on the field. Every team is seeking out a good home field advantage and Davis High’s “Mob” gives our team just the advantage the team is looking for.  Jamison, who is a junior, said this about the student section, “Oh it’s crazy, everyone is so loud and everyone is so talkative and cheering on the team!”

The football games give students a chance to socialize with their friends. This is a great opportunity for seniors, juniors, and sophomores to get to know each other and socialize.  Josh Funk, a sophomore, said this about the mob, “I think it’s freakin awesome!”

In class, students don’t get to be rowdy and loud and show their Davis High Pride. However, at the football games students can be loud and cheer on their school. Adam Heald, Senior said “I love the Mob, it’s so loud.”

Whether you are a football fanatic or not, the “Mob” gives students the chance to be with our best friends and cheer on our school at the same time.