Functional Skills Classes are in charge of the point

Brock Averett

Riley Stam, Reporter

Since the Functional Skills classes are managing The Point, they have decided to only have The Point open on A days. This has sparked some controversy over The Point and how it isn’t  open everyday.

Some students find it annoying because they would prefer food from The Point over the cafeteria food.  “It’s just dumb in my opinion.” Junior, Abby Potter said.

Many students want to have The Point open every day, because they prefer The Point to school food. “It’s where you can get food that’s better than school food,” Landon Baird, Junior, said.

However, there are students that are fine with The Point only being open on A days. “I think it’s good, I don’t think  we need to have it both days,” Lyrick Wimmer, sophomore said.

Although The Point being open only on A days may annoy some students, they all support the functional skills classes.poihnt coverewa