True Darting is a tradition

Tayler Beever


Macie Burnett, Reporter

“A tradition here at Davis that has been passed down,” said MacKay with a slight grin.


A True Dart is when any student that has already become a True Dart goes to the end of the field where the giant gold “D” happens to be located by the scoreboard. Continuing on where they ask a random person who has not yet become a True Dart, to become one with a simple kiss.


This kiss must be done under the light of a full moon or you cannot become a True Dart.


“Full moons and awkwardly kissing in front of a lot of people,” MacKay concluded with a slight giggle.


The current belief for the way we came up with this was by using the idea from the Utah State University, which is widely known as becoming “True Aggies”.


1916 was when becoming a True Aggie originated by receiving a kiss under a full moon, at midnight, over the top of the “A” located on Block A.


Becoming a True Aggie, though, means you can also be kissed on Homecoming or A-Day by someone who already is.


The True Aggie Tradition is run by the Student Alumni Association.


In 2001 the Student Body Officers went up to Utah State University for a leadership experience.

While they were up there they noticed a tradition at Utah State, also known as True Aggie, where people would meet up on Old May Hill above the “A” and kiss under the full moon.


On their way back to Davis High they decided to adopt that tradition and change it from “True Aggie” to “True Dart.”