Lake Fiesta Brings Kaysville Together

Brock Averett


Tori Waltz, Reporter

When it rains in Kaysville Utah, it rains hard. Brutal winds and infinite showers can be dreadful for residents in the area; however, if it rains just enough, a small park located near the DATC can turn a cold, gloomy day into a fun-filled paradise. Locally known as “Lake Fiesta”, the DATC soccer field, initially built for water runoff, transforms into a public reservoir for the Kaysville community when it rains in large amounts.

        When filled with too much water, the small Lake often can overflow into the streets of Kaysville, potentially causing flooding and further complications. This summer on August 3, after several hours of heavy rain, water in Lake Fiesta began to spill over onto Main Street in Kaysville, leading to closing off roads and a lot of public attention. Locals soon began to slide down the hills of Lake Fiesta and onto the closed roads of Kaysville.

“I was not home when the lake overflowed in the summer but I heard that it was really fun” said Davis High Student, McKelle Holt, regarding the summer occurrence of Lake Fiesta overflowing into the streets of Kaysville.

        Due to its unusual setting, Lake Fiesta is a popular destination for the local community of Kaysville. Its location near Davis High School has caused several students to become regular visitors to the Lake when it rains after school.

        “I didn’t believe it at first. People said that it was this lake next to Davis High and we ended up going and swimming in it. It was pretty cool”, said Davis High School senior, Kade Kasparian, who has visited Lake Fiesta several times.

        As its popularity continues to rise, Lake Fiesta has become a unique activity in which includes the entire community of Kaysville. Locals of all ages are welcome in visiting this public reservoir and in participating in recreational activities such as swimming, tubing, canoeing, and paddle boarding.

        “I just like how the whole community comes together to go to it”, said McKelle Holt, a current student at Davis High, regarding her favorite feature about Lake Fiesta.