Seniors go to the DATC to further their college experience

Indiana Jones


Leilani Gastelum, Reporter

The DATC is “an extension of what we are able to do here [at Davis High School],” said CTE Specialist counselor Ms. Hogge. Students are advised that, once they have accomplished all they can at the school, they should go to the DATC to move forward with their education.


The DATC stands for the Davis Applied Technology College. There, students have the opportunity to not only graduate with a high school diploma, but also a skills certificate which allows them to have a much better job directly out of high school.


This is exactly what Davis High student Sierra Lund is hoping to accomplish by taking Culinary Arts at the DATC.


“I’m hoping that I’ll be able to become a chef someday and that’s what the DATC is helping me do.” DATC student and Davis High Junior, Sierra Lund said.


Not only do students get to have a head start on their dream jobs, but the DATC also “help[s] students with their work skills,” Hogge said. The DATC helps students prepare for college by gaining the basic skills needed for their future career.


The DATC is a “great program to continue education,” Hogge said. The DATC costs a very minimal amount for high schoolers. Students have said that it’s easy and fun. Not only that, but they get to create their own schedule that will adapt to the hours that they need.
The DATC has growingly become an interest for students here at Davis High. It provides an opportunity that is available for everyone.  School counselors at Davis High School have said that they are there to answer any questions that students may have about the program, so visit the Counseling Center for more information.