Davis Darts have Habits

Brock Averett

Davis Darts have Habits

Tayler Beever, Video Editor

“A habit is something you repeatedly do over a long period of time.” – Jack Oram.

Everyone has some good and bad habits. Even teachers and students at Davis High School have habits they may or may not be proud of. The most common habits in the US include nail chewing, playing with hair, grinding your teeth etc. Here are a few that many people share.

Nail biting is #1 with how many people share this habit. It’s not life threatening but chewing nails or the skin around the nail may come off as unappealing.

Playing with hair is found most commonly with females. It could be splitting the ends or just twirling with it between your fingers. For some, playing with your hair might be a nervous or anxious habit while others just do it as an impulsive behavior. A way to break this habit is by distracting your hands. Keep them busy with playing with magnets.

Skipping breakfast is also another habit many people tend to have. Some skip it because they don’t make time for it or are in a rush, while others skip it to avoid the calories. According to studies, breakfast improves focus and it jump starts one’s metabolism making it easier for their body to burn calories. So set an alarm clock just a little bit earlier and try eating a quick, nutritious breakfast.

There are many other habits you and others may have, some are more serious than others. But all have different remedies to get rid of the habit, bad or good. Try continuing on with good habits and getting rid of the bad ones.