Students choose between McDonalds and Wendys

Audrey Landheim


Audrey Landheim, Reporter

Mcdonalds Vs. Wendys: Biggest competing items on the menu

Of the many fast food restaurants around the U.S., the two top competitors would be Wendy’s and McDonalds.  These two burger joints have similar menus, with not so similar items, leaving the consumers to wonder “Which items are the best?” Now this is a difficult question because it mostly relies on the opinion of the customer, but looking further into the question, it can be argued that both McDonalds and Wendy’s have top selling products that compete with one another on a daily basis.

Prices are a huge variable in the choice of a customer. Upon comparison, McDonald’s Big Mac is $3.99 by itself and $5.69 if you choose to get it with a meal. Wendy’s ¼ single Baconator with cheese is $3.89 by itself and $5.89 as a combo. Looking at these two items, it would be cheaper for a customer to order the Baconator by itself at $3.89, but if the customer wanted a meal, it would be cheaper for the customer to order a Big Mac at $5.69.

Another item that could be compared was the Large Fry. A large fry at McDonalds is $1.79 while a large fry at Wendy’s is $2.19. Now this price can vary depending on the opinion of both fries from the customer. While Wendy’s large fry is more expensive than McDonald’s, Wendy’s does have the option of purchasing a smaller “Value” fry off of the value menu. This purchase would be $0.99. McDonalds also has a dollar menu (the equivalent to the value menu at Wendy’s) but this menu doesn’t give the option to a dollar fry, so if the customer would like to purchase a small fry at McDonald’s, they would have to pay for one at $1.29.

This all boils down to the opinion of the customer. If they love McDonald’s fries more than Wendy’s than they will probably order the big fry anyways, which would be cheaper for them. But if the customer is looking for price, than the best solution would be to pay a buck for the Wendy’s value fries.

Wendy’s is commonly known for their Frosties, an item which McDonald’s does not serve. This makes it hard for someone to choose which restaurant to attend based on a frosty because the frosty is a unique, exclusive to, item found on the Wendy’s menu. But while Wendy’s serves Frosties and McDonald’s doesn’t, McDonald’s has a breakfast menu, something that Wendy’s does not have. Both of these factors can influence where a customer should choose to go. If they are on their way to work in the morning and didn’t have time to grab a bite before leaving the house, then they are better off to go to McDonald’s and order off of the breakfast menu. But if a customer is just looking for a place to enjoy a cold, chocolate, frozen treat, than they should probably go to Wendy’s.

           Like everything else in this world, McDonald’s and Wendy’s can be compared. Factors include price, choice selection, and location, among many others. Even though these factors have a big influence on a customer’s decision, the real decision comes down to taste.