Dress Code Rules: School’s Clothing Standards

Dress Code Rules: Schools Clothing Standards

School is a huge part of every student’s life, whether or not they want it to be. This is where we learn and prepare for our future. So the environment should always be one students can thrive in. One way teachers can keep their classroom a learning environment is to keep it free of distraction. The dress code has been set by the district to ensure our learning environments are productive. The way we dress has been found to be a cause of distraction.

Crazy colored hair and baggy pants also set more of a negative tone for the classroom. Many schools have uniforms, information about this was found in an article called, “Pros and Cons of School Dress Code”. This sight had many positive statistics for uniforms, which is surprising because you would think kids our age would be against uniforms. One being that,, “… 68 percent of the parents believed the uniform policy improved overall academic performance.”

Davis High School does not require uniforms, but the students are required to follow the dress code. Still there is one issue on the dress code. Hats, they are not permitted in the classroom but many students like Katie Gilmore, a sophomore, wish they were.  This policy seems to be unclear to everyone. It was made so kids couldn’t hide anything in their hat, and because in some areas gangs can be associated with hats.  Mostly the hat policy has to do with these safety reasons, and while groups in the nation have tired to fight it, most don’t have success.

The dress code is a part of school. This code has helped classrooms have less distraction and a better environment. While some schools have a problem following the dress code, Davis High is not one of those schools. Keep it up Davis!