Natural High Gives Students Something to Participate in

Conner Fox

Natural High Gives Students Something to Participate in

Leilani Gastelum, Reporter

This year for Red Ribbon week the SBOs are focusing on the “Natural High” instead of bad drugs. The Natural High is seen as something that students are able to achieve while doing something that you are fully passionate about. Many students at Davis High School have found their passion that allows them to achieve their very own Natural High.


“ Natural High for me is running for my team,” said Senior, Logan MacKay. “I run cross country which is really about running for something that’s bigger than myself.”


The Natural High is something that everyone can participate in. It can be found and done in many different ways.


“ Experiencing Natural High, I’d say is to find something that you truly love. I feel like everyone has something that they’re made to do.” said MacKay.


The Natural High has given students a choice between getting high off of life, or on drugs. Many have seen how easy it is to achieve this Natural High.


“You can get it by feeling satisfied with yourself and being happy with how things are going” said junior, Aubrey Argyle.


Having the natural high isn’t limited with sports and athletics. Many students have seen how other things like photography and drawing have also helped them achieve their own natural high.

“Drawing makes me happy because I’ve been doing it for so long. It clams me down, but it brings me up too” said Senior, Korra Jensen.


Photography has also had an impact on Davis High Student Sofia Diaz. We asked her how people could achieve this natural high.


“Stuff that Naturally makes you happy, like hobbies. I for one really enjoy Photography and listening to music.” said Junior, Sofia Diaz.
This year the Student Body Officers are highly encouraging students to find their very own Natural High. They want students to realize that it’s something that everyone is able to participate in, and that each student has a natural high trigger within themselves.