School Rivals Enlighten School Spirit



Rival’s are a universal thing. It seems that no matter where you are and whatever team or school you support you will have a rival. For example The University of Utah fans don’t like BYU and vice versa, the Hatfields and McCoys are a rival family from the east coast. But something that hits close to home for all of us is our rivalry against Layton and Viewmont. Each student has a different opinion about our rival schools.


We might have friends who go to Layton or Viewmont or any other rival but for the most part, students don’t like them. Junior, Corey Crockett, said about Layton and Viewmont, “I don’t like ‘em but they gotta go to school somewhere.”


Sophomore,Kelsie KiniKini, said this about Layton. “I’ve heard that my friends who went there like it”


Some students have had to make a decision if they want to go to school here or somewhere else. KiniKini had to make a decision between Layton and Davis. She said, “The biggest reason was friends.”