Senior year allows students to experience new things.

A bucket list is a list of achievements that one hopes to achieve within a certain period of time. Usually bucket lists are made hoping to be accomplished by the end of one’s lifetime. However everyone makes bucket lists, even if it’s just in our heads. Bucket lists are made for many occasions. A few examples are summer, college, and senior year. They can be composed of places you want to go, adventures you want to have, memories you want to make, etc.


The top ten bucket list items to be accomplished in a lifetime are:

1: Visit New York during Christmas

2: Carve a pumpkin of jaw dropping value

3: Graduate college

4: Visit Rome

5: Swim in a waterfall

6: Fly first class

7: Complete a Triathlon

8: Go whale watching

9: Go on a road trip

10: Sleep under the stars


Your own personal bucket list can define a lot about who you are, what your hopes and dreams are and how ambitious you are. Of course just writing things down is only the first step. Going out in the world and accomplishing those bucket list items is what you will remember.