School Lunch


Billy Elliott, Reporter

School lunch costs $2.75, the food isn’t that bad but the lines are always long. “I have no idea why the lines are so long. I think it’s because like the lunch ladies, it seems like they take twenty minutes before they actually start handing out food. Don’t know what the deal with that is, it just kind of happens…” said Ethan Hoffmann. People say school lunch is awful, expensive, gross, and say that no one eats it.


The lines can be long and the food can be gross.  Damien Henderson said, “My least favorite part about school lunch…hmm…Probably the grease.” Going out seems like a good alternative but it can take a while.


Driving to a restaurant can take longer than waiting in line for school lunch. Mary White said, “From what I’ve seen it seems like the majority eat school lunch but, probably a lot still go out to eat.” People do like to eat school lunch even if they sometimes eat out.


Here is website with the lunch schedule for this year: