Phone Usage Continues to be a Problem in Class

Phones are used everyday in our lives, they have become a necessity. We find them to be a joy, but some teachers think of them more of a nuisance. We get distracted, not hear directions and we can’t learn when we are paying more attention to our cellular devices than the teachers.

Ms. Hewlett, a math teacher here at Davis High, does not allow cell phones at all in her classroom. “When kids get bored, what do they do? They pull out their phones and they either text their friends or they play games… then they come and want help.”

We may love our phones, but what are we gaining if we are texting, playing games, or even searching things that we may not know?

“If I’m immediately reacting to every text message I receive, then my brain can’t focus on new material or skills.” Mr. Coray said this because he doesn’t like the use of phones in his class for obvious reasons, “…if they are used instead of our brains then we are robbing ourselves of getting smarter.”

Teachers want to help us learn, but phones interfere with the learning process when used inappropriately. Learning and achieving is always our number one reason for school, not catching up with friends or playing games.