Darts deal with sports injuries

Audrey Landheim

Billy Elliott, Reporter


How Davis and Others Prevent Injuries


There are lots of injuries happening from sports. Injuries will happen, but there are ways to prevent them or at least be prepared for them. The coaches are helping students prevent injuries also. The cross country team has strengthened areas that are easily injured by going to the weight room.


“Well we’re trying to hit the weight room a lot more this year,” cross country coach Mr. Talley said. “We feel like if we can strengthen not just the areas around those injuries but also our core strength, like the abs, the hips, and the butt.”


There are ways people can also prevent injury, depending on what it is. People can stretch more, work out more, ice areas that are an issue, and do much more.  


“So for this injury, I found out that my feet basically affect my whole body, and so now I have inserts that I have to wear like basically everyday all day. I ice my feet now because they’re just messed up,” Sophomore Emily White said. “You usually do like a five minute warm up and then you stretch out, just to make sure that everything is good and you’re not gonna tear anything.”


Injuries are inevitable. People get hurt playing sports all the time. There are many ways that people can and are preventing injury while playing sports.