Dartman evolves throughout Davis history

Connor Fox

Dartman evolves throughout Davis history

Macie Burnett, Reporter

In ‘Defending The Tradition Davis High School: Centennial Edition’ it stated, “The first appearance of DartMan appeared in 1927-2928. The first idea for the school mascot was an Old English Letter ‘D’ that curls at the top and bottom with what looks like a music note in the middle. Later it was chosen to symbolize the idea of speed, sharpness and agility.”

Interesting facts about Dart Man are that he first appeared in 1962 as a cartoon character who had a sharp point on it’s head and a fierce face and later In 1978 went from a cartoon picture to a living mascot.

The second Dart Man that appeared was a figure with his bulging muscles, helmet and a shield during 1994.

From the years of 1998-1999 was a dark period for The Davis Darts’. During this time was when Dart Man disappeared but then soon made a reappearance in to 2000’s decade with a new uniform and brought a sense of realism to the school.