Students Express on Various Social Media

Brock Averett


Ethan Bovee, Reporter

Social media is a new thing that has taken the students of Davis by storm. Students of all types use a wide variety of applications to socialize with friends. Users can talk directly to friends and keep track of the latest news.


Some students use these sites daily like Parker Greenman and Kevin Duran both juniors agreed that they get on daily.


While others like Garrett Smith, a sophomore, said “I get on maybe twice a week. I don’t get on that often.”


Students use these apps to do a wide variety of things. Lots use it to get a good laugh and some use it for entertainment and news.Greenman said, “I love watching the polls, yeah Davis High Polls is pretty awesome and funny.” and Jada Jacketta, a sophomore simply said she uses it for “entertainment.”
The trend of social media used by the students here at Davis is expected to stay on course with new updates and new uses for these apps coming out often. The need to stay social with friends will always be there.