Extra Credit Options Differ from Teacher to Teacher

Indiana Jones

Extra Credit Options Differ from Teacher to Teacher

Bentley Holley, Reporter

Extra Credit has been around for a long time in schools. Teachers at schools throughout the world would usually look at the difficulty of their assignments and find questions that are commonly missed. They tossed out questions that were commonly missed and rewarded those that got them correct.

Extra credits impact isn’t always huge but often times, it can really help kids that are close to a higher grade. When they see that the extra work is giving them a reward, they will commonly continue with it.

Having extra credit for commonly missed questions can reward the students that may have went further in-depth into a certain topic. This allows for an extra incentive for those people willing to explore deeper.. However, it will not always give a huge benefit as Ms. Hewlett added. “I think that kid’s help them more than it actually does.” It’s better to be on the safe side rather than risk your grade.