Food Drive Donates and Serves Others

Connor Fox

Lauren Rice, Reporter

     Now that the food drive is over, the food has been sent to people in the community who need the extra help. Ms. McDonald, a counselor, said that the food is taken to the Mountain High Pantry and the Sunset Junior High Pantry.

     “The Mountain High School Pantry makes up food bags so kids that don’t have a mom at home to make them dinner or that have a mom that works and doesn’t make them dinner can take the food bags home.” Ms. McDonald said. “They have a recipe in them and the kids can make their own dinner.”

     Donating helps hungry people be happy and healthy during the colder season. The leaders of the food drive were very proud of the large number of food donated and the amount of participation from the student body. Those in our community who need food were helped.

     As Brooklyn H. said, “Everyone should have food on their table.”