Winter athletes prepare for upcoming snow season


Winter athletes prepare for upcoming snow season

Nathan Stagg, Reporter

History Behind Skiing and Boarding

Skis were used regularly by Scandinavian farmers, hunters, and warriors throughout the Middle Ages. By the 18th century, units of the Swedish Army trained and competed on skis, specifically around 1850. It slowly turned more into a sport that people competed in. Now skiing is both for competing in and just simply having a fun time with your friends while pushing each other to get better. In 1965, Sherman Poppen, put two skis together trying to find a new form of skiing. His wife later christened the “invention” and called it a Snurfer. It has now turned more into a “teenager sport” but there are still many adults who enjoy snowboarding. On the slopes you would notice that there is about half skiers and half snowboarders.

Matt J, a skier who has been going since he was 6 years old said,“Skiing is much better because boarders, when they do tricks, just kind of look doofy and skiing is way steezier.” It is hard to say which sport is better, most people will argue that the one they do is better. Skiing and Snowboarding are very different but are both meant to get on and enjoy the slopes.