Policy Changes for Excusing Absences

Indiana Jones


Tori Waltz, Reporter

The process of excusing absences at Davis High has been a topic of debate throughout the years as students frequently are found imitating their parents while checking themselves out of class. Recently, administrators have altered the process which students and parents must go through in order to appropriately excuse their absences or tardies. As of 2015, students are not allowed to be excused by their parents calling the office and, instead, need to supply a written note signed by their parents with a valid excuse.

“I know a lot of people that I talk to that would call the office by themselves and check themselves out and it was just easy to get out of class that way,” junior Sofia Vasquez, said.

This recent change has relatively complicated the process of excusing absences as students now are required to turn in a note written by their parents. Some students support this change and others have become more frustrated with it as it demands more time and effort into getting checked out and excusing absences than previous years.

“I liked the way it was, it was easier for me to get checked out and to check myself in because my mom could just call,” Vasquez said.

Although the new change in the process of excusing absences requires written confirmation of a student checking out of school, several students continue to forge their parent’s writing and falsely excuse their absences. However, the requirement of notes instead of phone calls now provides written proof and evidence which can be used to confirm a student is excusing their own absence.

“If I have a question, I always check the phone numbers and if I have a question I always call the parents to verify notes” Davis High Attendance secretary, Marsha Morgan, said.