Homework given and despised

Tayler Beever

Homework given and despised

Ariel Lyman, Reporter

Homework is the most despised aspect of school for many students. Many students loathe homework, and the stress it brings.

“Homework is very stupid,” Sophomore Makayla Manning commented.

However, many teachers feel that homework is a beneficial part of the school learning curriculum.

“It reinforces what they learned in class,” Substitute Mrs. Mitchell stated. Personally, she prefers to assign homework “that they can look up on their own or use their book to [find the answers]. “

Teachers do have limits when it comes to assigning homework though. “I feel like if they do homework all day after they get out of school, then they can burn out,” stated Mitchell.

The lifestyle of a lot of students does seem to be overrun with homework, however. “I have a lot of extracurricular so it makes it hard to get good grades and still have fun,” Manning stated.

Manning told about an assignment that she worked on “an hour a day for a week.” Time-consuming homework like Manning experienced is experienced by many students. Sophomore Chloe McNeeley commented that she had worked on a ‘bug project’ for quite a while, but felt like she hadn’t profited from it at all. “We didn’t actually learn about the bugs. We just got them and stabbed them with needles,” McNeeley commented.

Many students struggle with completing homework assignments. “If you don’t understand what you’re doing, you’re just going to get really frustrated and that’s annoying,” McNeeley said.

Some students do feel that some types of homework are beneficial. “If you need help in the subject that you have the homework for [it is beneficial]. If you don’t [need help] it’s just busy work,” Manning stated.

There are forms of homework that students find entertaining. Manning commented, “Any theater homework I get [is fun].”

Teachers will continue to give homework, and students will continue to despise it. Personally, I agree with Manning’s brilliant statement, “homework is stupid.” When I die, those words will be printed on my grave. Homework also kills trees.