Students participate in Community Film Project

Audrey Landheim


Alexandria Cooley, Reporter

Before Your Time, a community film project being filmed exclusively in Davis County, features Davis County talent in both the cast and crew. Throughout filming, the cast has bonded with the other volunteers. Roni Nybo, a student at Davis High School, plays Sam Foster in the movie.

“I love them, so much.” actor Nybo said. “There’s this awesome director, his name is Lucas. And my older brother in the movie is like a brother to me. He’s amazing.”

In the film, Dylan Foster and his family move into an old town. Dylan and his two younger sisters find a bucket list that was written by the mother (who passed away), father and their friend; and attempt to redo each of the items on the list.

The cast and crew have been filming since August of 2015 and are about half way done.

“We just finished filming all of the outside scenes, which is about half of it,” Nybo said. “And now we’re just filming the interiors.”

Throughout the production, the cast has been able to experience cool situations that take place in the movie.

“In the show, there’s a bunch of things that they do on the bucket list. It’s just fun stuff, and that’s been my favourite part,” Nybo said. “We hiked Adams Canyon and stood under the waterfall, we sat on the Bountiful Bee, and went ice blocking. Stuff like that. The whole bucket list part has been so fun.”