Girl’s basketball starts new season

Audrey Landheim

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Girl’s basketball starts new season

Natalie Lott, Reporter

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The girl’s basketball season has just begun, and this year’s team is ready to play. Even though the girls have been a team for a short time they have already become a squad of friends.

“It’s really fun to be with the girls and I like the coaches a lot,” senior Hannah Snell said.

Snell has been playing basketball since she was five and loves everything about it. All the girls practice together and help each other get better as they prepare for their games.

“I like basketball because it’s something you get to do with your friends, we warm up as a team…all together”  Senior Shelbi Harman explained.

Each girl also has a pre-game routine they go through before their big day. Along with warming up before hand many also add things to help them get excited for the game.

“Listening to music helps a lot, and I like to eat a good snack before the game,” Snell said.

“I go over plays, talk to my teammates, I stretch. You feel so good when you make a shot,” sophomore Lindsey Reich said.

Practice and music can help prepare for a game, but a love for the game can be important too. This passion is something each girl has.

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