7-Eleven Gone to Heaven


Ethan Bovee, Reporter

The corner of Main Street and 200 North in Kaysville used to be the home to a 7-Eleven convenience store. Sadly this location was closed down a few weeks ago. No official statement has been released by the company and the closing came as a surprise to many Kaysville residents.


The former store manager said “It just isn’t financially profitable… the store couldn’t sustain itself.”


While this may come as surprise to the avid customers there is still a 7-Eleven store just down the road.


She goes on to say “The growth in the area is out west, there just isn’t any growth up here.”


With a new gas station and a Smith’s grocery store opening in the last few years the 7-Eleven further east was struggling to compete.


Kaysville city has apparently had much growth in the western area with a new junior high and multiple elementary schools with new food and convenience stores expected to be popping up very soon.