Recorder Club Plays Toward Future

Indiana Jones


Alexandria Cooley, Reporter

Every Friday during lunch, members of the recorder club can be found in Mr. Stevens room working on their music in preparation for Lover’s Feast.

“At a meeting we eat lunch and then we pull out our music that we’re working on,” said senior Caden Snell. “So, right now we’re working on our music for Lover’s Feast, and then we just kind of sight-read through it, and discuss about what we need to fix, and if we need to practice at home; just basic things like that, just reading through the music.”

Most of the members have previous musical experience, which led to them joining the club.

“It basically started with Mr. Hendricks CE Music Class,” said senior Sheena Harris. “He kinda passed out all the recorders because he wanted us to appreciate everything musicians have to go through. And after marching band, Mr. Stevens was talking about it, and we just kinda joined as a joke; it was just something to do. But then we really go into it, so all these band kids were kind of recruited over to the recorder club.”

Throughout their meetings members discuss music and prepare for upcoming performances.

“Once we get the music part down, then we go over intonation and timing and the phrasing and shaping of the actual piece,” said Snell.

Members of the club have found that the skills that they are learning have helped them further their musical learning.

“So I’ve been singing my whole life, basically, and I’m also in band. I do plan on hopefully getting a music scholarship in clarinet,” said junior Cora Smith.

Aside from gaining new skills and experiences, members have also made new friends. The club, which consists of Juniors and Seniors, is welcoming and friendly.

“Everyone’s really fun to talk to and be around, they’re all friendly. They’re all really dedicated and great players,” said Snell.