Choir, Band and Orchestra Compete in Solo and Ensemble

Audrey Landheim


Natalie Lott, Reporter

Whether students are working together or going solo, the school’s band and choir are excited about the Solo and Ensemble competition.

“It’s called The Wedding Anthem” said cello player Aubrey Wilcox.

Aubrey and her group are hoping to get a superior rating, which is the main focus of the competition. Getting the superior allows students to move on in the competition, letting them reach a higher title. Students also gain other opportunities and learning experiences.

“It helps you learn how to work with people and play music in a group,” Aubrey said, explaining what else students get out of the competition.

Between getting practice time in class and practicing at home, many hours go into preparing to face the judges. During Solo and Ensemble, the classical songs are presented to judges who then use a rubric to decide a score.

“One is superior, then there’s a two though five” said sophomore violin player Abby Ellis.

 Aside from receiving one, which results in a superior, students are graded on a two through five scale. The scale has 2 as the best down to five. In order to qualify for state you must get a superior rating, a daunting task. Abby and Aubrey will both be practicing up until February 23rd when Solo and Ensemble will take place. Good luck to those participating in this year’s Solo and Ensemble.