Vape Cloud Extends To Kaysville

Connor Fox

Vape Cloud Extends To Kaysville

Bentley Holley, Reporter

Smoking electronic cigarettes, better known as e-cigs, has been on the rise recently. According to 16.2 percent of sophomores and 17.1 percent of seniors reported to use of an e-cig within the past thirty days. This survey was taken in 2014 and the numbers are alarmingly higher today. Vaping includes the same nicotine that a regular cigarette is a cause for concern. And that’s just it, vaping has harmful effects and it can be dangerous.

Electronic cigarettes have nicotine that is vaporized and inhaled rather than being smoked out. By doing this, the nicotine is following a trajectory similar to the basic cigarette which is attacking the cardiovascular system. There isn’t sufficient data to sway a person towards negative or positive beliefs. Mrs. Fox said that studies aren’t out to see the full effects of vaping and the damage it does. However, as the vaporizing happens, the pathway of the smoke forces them to inhale the smoke.

One of the biggest hazards is one that isn’t internal but rather, is other’s view of you. Vaping is becoming what cigarettes were seen as in the past; a tool to show how cool you are. As that belief has grown, the opposition for it has as well.

“It’s just as harmful, if not to your body-to your image, as smoking” said junior Niall T.

Another possible danger is on the roads. People will vape in their cars and the smoke will fill up the vehicle. This poor vision puts the person who is vaping and those around them at risk of serious injury or even death.

“The visibility may not be too safe” said junior Niall T. “In that aspect, vaping is dangerous because it will cause car crashes.”

E-cigs are on sale at gas stations, supermarkets, etc. They are no longer confined to stores designated for vaping. This easy access puts the health risks into an even bigger focus.