Boys Soccer Prepares For Upcoming Season

Scott Ogan


Leilani Gastelum, Reporter

Since Gavin Flitton was about 3 years old, soccer has been a very important part of his life. He is one of the rare soccer players who was able to be a starter for 4 years in a row, and one of the few who was a captain as a Junior. He has recently committed to play for UOP in California and is ready to start a new chapter in his life. Flitton has a huge impact on the people around him and is a very dedicated soccer player.


“Flitton is a great team leader… he has all the leadership qualities, is a great player and all the kids look up to him,” said the boys soccer coach, Phongsavath.


Flitton is determined and sets big goals for himself which have helped him achieve everything he has. He doesn’t accept being average but always pushes himself to be better. Typically he dedicates about 15-18 hours each week to train, which helps him achieve those high goals he sets from himself.


“We want to win. No question about it. Our goals are to make it deep into the playoffs and surprise some people with how well we do. We aren’t one of the front runners but we will do everything we can to do well in region and state,” said Flitton.


Flitton has motivation from all parts of his life, especially from God and family. Advice that he gives to others would be to “Trust the process. Work hard and stay focused.” Flitton is determined to be the best he can be and has remembered those who have supported him along his journey.


“[My motivation] personally, is the fear of being average. Everything I do, I want to be the best at. I have been given an amazing talent from God and I want to do what I can with it. I want to make my family and especially my dad proud. I want to be one of the best and make a difference. It’s part of who I am,” said Flitton.


With everything that has come of his achievements Flitton sets his father as his role model and best friend. He looks up to him and wants to make his father proud of him. His father has been there for him since day one and has always been a very supportive person in Flittons life.


“My dad has sacrificed so much for me and gave me every opportunity to succeed I could ever dream of. I don’t think he’s ever missed a game. He is my biggest fan, and I want to make it all worth it for him. I want him to look at me out there and be proud to say ‘that’s my son!” He’s my best friend,” said Flitton.
Gavin has gone through an amazing journey throughout his 4 years of playing soccer for Davis High School. He has been in many different situations as a player and has grown from them and has learned how to handle all the pressures from the game. Other players look up to him because he’s more experienced and has been able to achieve many of the goals that he has set for himself. He is now ready to start a new chapter in his life, with many more achievements to come.