Students Campaign for Positions



Every spring Davis holds elections. These elections determine who will be the SBO’s and Dartman for the next year. There are multiple steps to take in order to run in these elections.


“If you want to be an SBO you would have to go see the SBO advisor first then you would have to get a petition, and then you need 25 students to sign that petition,” SBO Landon Lebaron said.


Becoming Dartman is a whole different process. Dartman does many different things to encourage participation and school spirit at games.


“The thing about Dartman is that he’s the school mascot and usually at the football games and the basketball games and stuff,” Lebaron said. “What Dartman does is, every time Davis scores a touchdown at a football game, or just like scores the final point, Dartman does pushups for how many points are scored and he pretty much is going along with the cheerleaders and getting the crowd involved with every cheer and getting everyone involved and showing off their Davis High pride.”


There are normally seven officers elected although if there is a tie they will have eight or even nine. There are multiple stages in the election process.


“There’s the first election where everyone makes like a banner and posters for their campaign process,” Lebaron said. “You kind of choose the campaign that you want to go for that pretty much describes you, so that’s how you can easily go through that election process, but you have to pick a campaign that mostly describes you.”


After that people vote and they narrow the candidates to seventeen or eighteen. Next there is a second and final election.


“The second election, which is the final election pretty much, that’s where the cool part comes in, that’s when you make the SBO video and you pretty much make a video of your personality,” Lebaron said. “You just show how you’re going to make a difference for Davis High and how to make a difference for others in your community.”


Dartman also gets his own election. They narrow it down to four candidates, then one of them is chosen for Dartman. The elections, which are for current Juniors who will be seniors next year, are held in March.


“The elections are usually towards the middle of March, and the final election is pretty much the last Friday in March, so it probably would be March 25th,” Lebaron said.


There are also elections in April for sophomores who will be juniors next year.