Davis Performs Kenya Kid’s Poems


Billy Elliott, Reporter

“The Kenya Poetry Theater Project is a humanitarian project based off of poems written by children in Kenya in a refugee camp, and they’ve written these poems and sent them to some students in Alabama who’ve written poems back to them, and then they’re sending them to us and were making a production of it,” said creator of the project, Savannah Herbon.


Students at Davis can audition to be in these reenactments of the children’s poems. The auditions are Friday March, 11. You sign up in the little theater, then go and read a poem for your audition. The kids sent in many poems to be made into plays.


“There’s a lot of poems, they sent a ton, I just got a list, I have right now about thirty poems in my possession, but there’s more coming,” Herbon said.


Even with the amount of poems they already have, there are many more and and they don’t have the full scripts.


“We haven’t been able to get the full script yet, they’ve only sent us examples, so we’ll get a full script hopefully next week,” Herbon said.


All of the proceeds that they will receive from the performances will go back to the children in Kenya to further their schooling. The performances will be recorded and sent to the kids to watch their poems come to life.


“We as students of Davis High are going to put on this production and were going record it and send it back to them,” Herbon said.


These plays provide a good opportunity for students here at Davis.


“A lot of students at Davis High don’t really have a lot of opportunities to connect with students across the world and I just think it’s amazing that we’re going to be able to do this,” Herbon said.


The whole project has a goal to fill in the gap in the poems, and in the kids in Kenya’s schooling.


“The whole motto of the project is “fill the gap with words” and were using their words and they’re fifth graders that have written these poems and we’re gonna use them. I think it’s gonna be really cool,” Herbon said.