SAEV Students Threatened

Natalie Lott , Reporter

“We are actively investigating the threats against the coalition and Cade Hyde,” said Officer Wilko.

On February 26, 2016, a press conference was held at the Utah State Capitol. The purpose of this conference was to notify the public about cyber bullying and threats aimed towards Students Against Electronic Vaping (SAEV) members, especially Cade Hyde.

Legislator Paul Ray addressed the public first. “I was notified two days ago, as I was leaving the gym; I got a text early in the morning saying there were threats being made,” said Ray.

The threats were made in response to SAEV promoting bill HB-333. This bill will place a 86.5% tax on E-cigarettes, amend the state law to prohibit internet sales to minors, and regulate E-cigarette advertising. SAEV has been working diligently to support the bill. In fact, Paul Ray stated that “they have collected nearly 8,000 signatures in support of it.”

These sudden and unexpected threats, posted mainly on Facebook, are being appropriately handled. The penalty will be a class B misdemeanor because of the context of the messages.

“There were threats of physical violence, also instant messages into their personal accounts that were very vile,” confirmed Paul Ray.

Cade Hyde, a Davis High SBO, acknowledged the treats, but is remaining positive. He also spoke at the conference representing SAEV.

“We are frustrated with the threats against us, but they’re not going to stop us,” said Hyde.

    Bill HB-333 will be discussed by the house on March 3. For updates and background information see SAEV’s website: This one