Courtney Wayment Upholds Cross Country Tradition

Audrey Landheim


Tori Waltz, Reporter

The cross country team has upheld the tradition of state and national success for several years. Although the entire team has accomplished many outstanding achievements, individual members also have been very successful in gaining national and state titles. Courtney Wayment, a senior at Davis high, has recently been named the Gatorade Cross Country runner in the state of Utah and has brought much pride to her teammates.

“I think a big part of our success is having a focus on working together and being united. It seems like running would be more of an individual sport but we treat it like a team sport.” said Cross Country Coach, Corbin Talley.

Wayment has been involved in track and cross country ever since she was in seventh grade. Since then she has dedicated her athletic career towards cross country and practices daily with the Davis High team. Through year-long training which can range up to running 12 or more miles depending on the day, Courtney has become very successful in region, state, and national races. In addition, Courtney also plans on pursuing cross country in her future and has already committed herself to the team at BYU.

“I think my main motivation is just the girls and the boys and wanting to achieve everything together as a team “ said Wayment.

Courtney’s individual success has benefitted the entire cross country team at Davis High and has served as motivation for her teammates. She can always be found cheering on her friends and fellow teammates at every meet.

“She’s a really amazing teammate and she always gives really good advice and she knows how to be sensitive when you’ve had a bad race” said Courtney’s friend and teammate, Ally Geisler.