Jonah Taylor Shoots for the Moon through Song Writing

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Alexandria Cooley, Reporter

A junior is finding his place in the music world. Jonah Taylor recently released two original singles, Mr. Moon and Quarterback King. Although these are the first songs he has released, Jonah has been involved in music since he was little.

“I started playing guitar when I was twelve,” junior Jonah Taylor said. “I got my first guitar for my twelfth birthday and I just loved it. My whole family is super musical, and I’ve been around music my whole life. So I came home from school one day and decided that I needed to start somewhere. So I wrote these lyrics and they were pretty bad. But I just had to keep trying and so I tried to write a song for seven months. But I couldn’t. I had nothing. Until October, when I wrote Mr. Moon. That was the first song I wrote.”

In addition to guitar, Jonah also plays many other instruments including the piano, ukulele, and recorder. After Jonah struggled to write a song for a long period of time, he was able to find the write words and write Mr. Moon.

“I tried to write Mr. Moon  for seven months, and nothing,” Taylor said. “I just wanted to write anything but I couldn’t. But then I thought of the words ‘I know, I know, I know Mr. Moon’. So I came home and tried to write a song. And it pretty much wrote itself. I wrote it in three days.”

After Jonah overcame his writer’s block, Jonah decided to wait a while before publishing his song.

“I wrote the song, Mr. Moon, in October and I didn’t really know what to do with it for a while. And once I figured out what I wanted to do with it, it was December. I didn’t really want to compete with Christmas music,” Taylor said. “So then, on January 1st, I took the song to the studio and we recorded it there. I then uploaded it onto this site called TuneCore. And for like $10, TuneCore distributes it. The hardest part is taking what’s in my head and bringing it to the studio. Because I know what I want it to sound like and the producer has some ideas as well.”

High Vibe, where Jonah records his songs, is located in Salt Lake City. Jonah is easily one of the youngest singers there.

“Most of the original recording is done in my basement. That’s where I do my thinking,” Taylor said. “Once the song is ready to be released, I go to Salt Lake and there’s a studio called High Vibe Recordings. At High Vibe, I’m easily the youngest person there. No one really takes me seriously because I’m sixteen. And I’m also the only person in there who doesn’t record metal. It’s funny because I’m singing Mr. Moon and next door they’re singing screamo! It’s hilarious.”

Jonah wrote the lyrics and the chords himself, and the producers at High Vibe helped him to put his song together.

“It’s super interesting. So, I took the song to the studio, and it’s my song, my chords, and my lyrics; and I showed it to the producer who was there, and together we worked on it and put all the sound in. So it was my song and together we could enhance it in the studio. That was super interesting.”

Jonah’s songs are available for purchase on many digital music media sites including itunes,spotify, amazon music, and google play.