Darts Brawl For Clash of Clans Club

Audrey Landheim


Bentley Holley, Reporter

The Clash of Clans Club was started last year by a couple of seniors, Adam Heild and Tanner McQuiston. With Mr. Leifson as their, they were able to get a couple of their friends into the game and started the club, with Mr. Leifson as a mentor. It was originally an attempt to play with their friends but it turned into a full-on club. Friends as well as other classmates ended up coming to the meetings and really growing while also having fun doing something they enjoyed.

“I had a bunch of friends that all played… We just decided to start it up,” said Co-President Tanner McQuiston.

The club had a lot of success in getting other members to join in. As friends told other people, many people had their interest peaked and ended up contributing greatly to the club’s overall accomplishments.

“We were all in the same clan and we got a bunch of other people to join the clan. It was like a big Davis High clan pretty much,” said senior club member Matt Jones.

As the game and the club grew, and more features were added, the club focused more on an emphasis on the new aspects of the app.

“They came out with clan wars and that brought a lot of unity to our club and brought us towards a common goal,” said co-president Tanner McQuiston.