HB 333 E-Cig Bill set for Revision

Audrey Landheim


Natalie Lott, Reporter

On March 3, 2016 history was made at the capital as students from Davis School District’s high schools came together to let their voices be heard. Cade Hyde, Chair of SAEV, Students Against Electronic Vaping, represented Davis High as well as his organization. As Bill HB-333 was presented to the committee, high school representatives filled the room, and even overflowed into the rest of the capital.

“Right here we have a binder full of 5,000 signatures from across the state supporting us,” Hyde said.

As the bill was presented Hyde and Macgyver Clark, a SAEV’s co-chair, explained the work that has gone into the bill by students themselves. He told of being a part of countless meetings and visiting schools.

“I decided I want to do something about this because I have personal experiences with friends and E-Cigarettes,” Hyde said.

Legislators attending the meeting complimented the students and praised their hard work. The final vote for that day was: one abent, 5 nays, and 7 yes. This was not enough to pass the bill that day, but this summer they will be reconstructing the bill.

“The reason why we’re doing this is it’s not an adult problem anymore,” Hyde said.

    After the students filed out, they gathered in the main area of the Capital. Hyde and Clark then explained what SAEV had accomplished. SAEV had spread awareness and had changed history representing a bill as high school students. Bill HB-333 will continued to be worked on this summer, but that day high schools let their voice be heard. For more information about HB-333 visit SAEV’s website, www.SAEVutah.com